Artie is a next-gen social gaming platform. We bring high-quality games directly to players on the world's most popular social media and video apps.

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Mobile games fail to reach billions of potential players where they are

Mobile gaming is absolutely massive - one of the world's most popular forms of entertainment - but there's one BIG problem: games are stuck in app stores and the average 18-35-year-old downloads zero new apps per month. We don't blame them. If you think about it, app stores are a terrible way to discover and play games. Players must leave their friends behind, click through a bunch of crap, and then wait for an app to download. Most have already switched back to scrolling TikTok before the download is even finished. The game ends up on the fifth page of their home screen, never to be seen again.

Instead of hanging out in app stores, people spend most of their screen time in a handful of social media and video apps where they instantly discover and consume content. Today, old-school app stores make little sense. It's like mobile games are on one side of a wall, and all the other fun stuff is on the other. The result? Mobile games fail to reach billions of potential players where they are – that's billions with a B.

Enter Artie. Social-native gaming, with nothing to download.

We're bringing high-quality mobile games to billions of potential players on apps like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Players jump in and start gaming instantly via link in bio, swipe up from stories, posts, or DMs.

We know it's pretty wild, but we think it's the future of mobile gaming and will be fun af.


Compatible with Unity

We wouldn't call ourselves real gamers if we weren't.

Cross Platform Multiplayer

Example: one player from TikTok on iOS can battle another player from IG on Andriod, no sweat.

Zero Latency Gameplay

Thanks to on-device rendering and no video streaming

Artie Collectibles

Get Rewarded with Virtual Goods to use across the Artie ecosystem and beyond.

Global Leaderboard

Compete, share, and win digital and IRL prizes.

Save to Homescreen

Save our games to the homescreen of your phone as a progressive web app.

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