Autonomous Avatars Everywhere

The Platform for Intelligent Avatars

We help content creators bring virtual characters to life in augmented reality. Our engine, Wonderfriend™, makes it easy to create avatar-to-consumer interactions that are lifelike and highly engaging.

Collection of connected nodes

Avatar Network

All the avatars in Artie’s network share insights and analytics in real time, allowing creators to understand how consumers interact with each character.

Collection of connected nodes
Avatar head of nodes starting to form

Emotional Intelligence Embodied

We use advanced machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and sentiment analysis to help create autonomous, intelligent avatars that become more engaging over time.

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No App Required

Our Instant Avatar™ technology allows creators to share avatars as standard hyperlinks, making discovery easy on social media and content platforms.

Avatar head made of nodes

Instant Avatar™

Emotion Recognition

World Aware

Ultra Low Latency

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