Database replication


Fully managed connectors with pipeline analytics and monitoring out-of-the-box. Set up in minutes + zero maintenance.

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Easy onboarding

Choose your data source

Select the tables you want to replicate

Choose your destination

Pipeline telemetry

Gain pipeline visibility out of the box and know how things are performing.

Rows synced

Ingestion lag

Snowflake insights


Be the first to know. Our automated monitors will alert you when something is wrong.

PostgreSQL replication slot

Daily table changes summary

Health checks on source and destination infrastructure

Volume threshold anomaly detection

Advanced capabilities

Features that are tailored to all workloads.

Snowflake eco mode

Table aliasing

History mode

Partitioned tables

Skipping deletes

Loved by data and engineering teams

Real-time and cost-effective architecture.
The ultimate pairing.

Stream only the data that has changed to the destination. 
Eliminate data latency and reduce computational overhead.

Highly efficient data replication with change data capture

Leverage change data capture to stream only the data that has changed and reduce overall compute costs.

Minimal impact to database performance

Log-based replication is a non-intrusive way to replicate data in real-time and does not impact source database performance.

Set up in minutes, not months

Set up the end-to-end solution in minutes, with zero pipeline maintenance. Let your data teams work on higher value projects.

Explore use cases


Customer behavior insights

Inventory management

Personalized outreach

Marketing campaigns

Read customer success stories

Real-time analytics

Risk assessment

Transaction monitoring & fraud detection

Customer behavior analysis

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Supply chain / Logistics

Inventory management

Order fulfillment

Logistics routing

Supply chain visibility

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Simple pricing that scales

No minimum commitments required. Pay for only what you use.

Open Source


The power of Artie, self-hosted.
Access to all supported database and data warehouses connectors
Database replication leveraging change data capture
Automatic schema detection
Basic telemetry and monitoring
Global support via community Slack



$231per month

Pricing that scales with you.
1M 5M 10M 50M 100M 500M >500M
$231 per million rows
$231 per million rows
Everything in Open Source
Snowflake eco mode
New! Analytics portal
Set up connectors with no coding required
User access management
Advanced networking including SSH tunneling and IP whitelisting
Dedicated Slack channel
Snapshots included for free



For even the largest enterprises and hybrid deployments.
Everything in Cloud
Bring your own Virtual Private Cloud
White labeling
Custom snapshotter - parallel processing and ability to read from Postgres read replica
Enterprise support (24/7)
White glove onboarding and implementation

Loved by data & engineering teams

We went from doing multi-hour batched syncs to real time streaming with Artie - we now have live visibility into what’s happening in the business. We were impressed at how easy Artie was to set up at our scale!

Mike Cohen
Head of AI and ML Engineering, Substack

Discovering Artie has been a game-changer in our data management strategy. In an arena where real-time access to data can define market leadership, their tool bridges the gap between our database and data warehouse with seamless, zero-latency synchronization. It's not just about speed; the fidelity of our data remains uncompromised with no unnecessary data type  

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Jason Hodson
Director, Data & Analytics, Routable

Artie is powering our most important tables today. The product and engineering teams at Tatango are able to provide near real-time sending and performance related analytics to our customers, enabling them to focus on what matters most; fundraise.

Matt Powers
CTO, Tatango

Artie is a game changer in our data stack. It makes syncing your engineering team's database to your data warehouse seamless and pain free. In a world where out of the box solutions frequently get you 80% "there", Artie gets you 100% of what you need.In addition, Artie can scale with your business.No more trying to batch load your data before daily reports go out. With Artie, your

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Danielle Barringer
Lead Data Engineer, Yaysay

Artie's affordability and innovative eco-mode function have revolutionized our batch data transfer process. We can now adjust replication frequency to match demand, improving data freshness without escalating costs. But what sets Artie apart is the direct collaboration with its passionate founders. They don’t just listen; they act on our feedback, making Artie a personalized solution for our unique business needs.

Chao Li
Senior Data Engineer, Sleeping Duck

Artie Transfer was the missing piece from our ETL data pipeline that delivered data replication between PostgreSQL and Snowflake! It enables our Product Intelligence team and our BI tools to have real-time access to data straight from our data warehouse...

Tamas Boros
Engineering Director, FYLD AI

Artie’s simple configuration and interoperability with popular developer tools makes it an easy choice for replacing batch data replication with streaming in our upcoming data resiliency efforts.

Ari Falkner
Software Engineer, OpenStore

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